Choosing a career

Choosing a career


A practical guide to finding a fulfilling, productive and rewarding career.

5 Reasons you should buy the book:

  1. To gain clarity on a potential career decision
  2. To gain useful guides on discovering yourself
  3. To ask yourself critical and honest questions about what gives you fulfilment and internal happiness
  4. To examine your current job and see whether you are a square peg in a square hole
  5. To help a loved one, sibling, friend, colleague, or acquaintance


A lot of school leavers are at a loss on how to navigate their journeys in the world of work and the marketplace even after spending quality years in school. The path to self-discovery and identifying effective career choices is a necessary tool to ensure fulfilment, productivity, and a rewarding experience at work.

In this book, Kehinde shares practical tips and insights that will help aspiring, upcoming, practising, and experienced professionals discover and identify themselves, and deploy their internal resources, interests and abilities to effective use in their career journeys.


Choosing a career

In this book, you will learn about:

  • 5 Pillars for an effective career
  • 2 Work Dispositions that exist in the workplace
  • 7 Tips for choosing an effective career
  • 4 Dimensions of knowledge required to thrive in the workplace
  • 6 Work modalities/approaches that can give you further clarity in your career pursuits
  • 4 approaches to validate your choice of career


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